Engineering Service
and Innovation

ACC is strongly committed to providing solutions for our customers based on their specific needs and applications. For decades, we have been developing and expanding our technical expertise in all business sectors based on technical customer intimacy. For this reason, more than 100 scientists, engineers and technicians provide, initiate and deliver high-level technical services and innovations, develop new products and improve established ones, and also constantly support our customers with their help and advice.

Technical Services

For years, ACC has had a tradition of focused and dedicated technical service. This track record has given ACC the technical experience and skills it needs in order to support and help customers to continuously increase their economic value by improving their processes, applications and final products.

It is thus no surprise that customers often consult ACC with complex problems, safe in the knowledge that sound technical solutions can be found and rapidly implemented with our help.

We provide on-site technical advice to our customers around the globe on request and can also carry out technical training tailored to the requirements of their employees .

With technical facilities and experts located in our headquarters in Oftringen, we are able to provide technical support on a global and local scale. This is due to our dedicated local technical service hubs in the Americas and Asia, who implement best practices according to local needs.

This is all supported by state-of-the-art service labs and departments, including analytics, microscopy, microbiology, quality control and regulatory affairs management.

Innovation and application development

In addition to providing day-to-day technical customer support for all markets where ACC products are used, ACC technical specialists and scientists constantly strive towards developing and implementing new products and applications, as well as improving existing ones. This includes developing new calcium carbonate grades that are tailor-made for specific needs within a given industrial segment or optimizing existing products according to the changing needs in a dynamic industrial environment.

The ACC advantage is based on the very close interconnection of research and application development specialists together with sales and marketing, and all with our finger on the pulse of industrial and customer needs.