Calcium Carbonate is an essential raw material for many applications.

Our technical department has developed many qualities allowing finished products with high-standard characteristics to be achieved for paints as well as for plastics, paper-making, etc.

Our range of products is based on different rocks and through physical methods, their natural qualities are improved and they feature different particle sizes and curve shapes.

Calcium Carbonate CaCO3 has been used for decades in different types of forms. In the construction industries, CaCO3 is mainly used, either as a building materials or as limestone aggregate for road building.

Also, CaCO3 is used in plastic and paint industries as a component with other sub-materials to target particular final industrial finished products.

Additionally, in the oil industry, the need of calcium carbonate is highly desirable which is been used as a formation-bridging and filtercake-sealing agent added to drilling fluids. As result, it increases the density of the drilling fluids in order to control the downhole pressure.